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Last update: 04.01.2015

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How can you use our webshop?


Dear Guest,

On these pages you can get informations about using our webshop, including complex search possibilities and the full process of ordering. On the left menu you can follow step by step the structure of the search-order process, you will learn how to check your previous orders / call for proposals, and how you can change your personal information.


Our webshop is divided into three major structural units: the upper part of the controller section, below the menu bar, the bottom of the screen will display the results.


You can use our webshop in two ways: as a registered user or without registration. Registration makes easier for you to identify and subsequent orders. For this, you will need a user name and the corresponding password. You can register yourself clicking on the menu called 'Register'.

When filling in the registration form, please carefully fill out all the necessary fields.

  • On the 'Login Data' section, the 'Email' textbox serves to uniquely identify you. The 'Password' elective by you, but must be at least five characters long. Both password fields must be entered in order to avoid any confusion typing.
  • On the 'Personal Data' section, the 'Firstname, 'Lastname', 'Cellphone' values are the previously registered values or the new ones to be registered.
  • On the 'Company Info' section, the 'Companyname' Country ',' Zipcode ',' City ',' Address ' values are the previously registered values for your company or the new ones to be registered.
  • On the 'Default Settings' section, you can set the language for communication, the type of currency to be used, as well as to do if the products are not in stock.
  • You can can check the 'Delivery' and 'Morning delivery' checkboxes, if you want tu order these services, as well as how to appear a lot in cart.
  • To complete your registration you have to accept Terms and Conditions of Rolling Ltd.

When you complete the form, click on the 'Register' button, which controls the completed data and feedback in case of error. If everything was successful, the Rolling Ltd. will contact you as soon as possible.


If you have registered successfully, and we received your username and password, you can enter the webshop, using 'Username' and 'Password' fields, then clicking on the 'Key' button (or pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard). If you wish to enter without registration, click on the button labeled 'Order without registration.'


If your login is successful, your datas appears on the right side of the controller, and you can see an icon, what is for log out. In addition, a series of controls appears used for search the shop:


Search methods

The following sections will discuss with searching the web shop.



Simple search


The most common search method to search by part (item) number. For example, you want ot find the number '6204' bearing at the shop. Enter the expression '6204' in the 'Search by expressions' textbox, then press the Enter key or the search icon:



Step 1: You'll ll give the search term, and then press ENTER (or search icon)


The search results will be displayed in the results window:




The way you enter a search term such fragments can count, that bring out every line in the example with the exact part number '6204', and those that begin with it. After the '*' character code of the manufacturer, in this example: * 6204 KBS - Chinese-made bearings 6204-2RSH / C3WT * SKF SKF is made. The above example also noticeable to a seemingly incongruous elements: * I VKBA 1931 article number, which is a set of wheels. This means that in a set of search meets the bearing. The system can also be changed for the different between manufacturers part numbers. If an item number in the result is underlined and in bold appear, it means that you have registered a replacement part number, or a larger package of the popular item number. If you taking over the underlined part number the pointer (cursor) soon shows the information:



A part number substitutes


This example shows a wheel kit, which is one of the bearings 6204's, but mostly only shows part number issued by the desired bearing one or more other manufacturer window. For one search term, the system provides up to 200 hits, if you can not find among them the desired product, you can try to narrow the search by specifying the precise term.


It also happens that some lines are underlined in the article name. This means that the article explanatory diagram or photo belongs, which can be displayed by clicking on it:


Structural diagram of the 203 NPPB INA bearings

Search using * character

However, there is also a case where you do not know the item number sign, or the article number can only be one detail, which is not necessarily the beginning of the article number, for example, consider the bearing '69349/10'. In these case you write the item number with a star:



A part number fragmentary substitutes

You can see that they came out of the articles in which the item number somewhere in fragments, and those which, to substitute JavaScript code snippet somewhere in the article.


Joined search / search two or more fragments

There are some items that have differences the spelling catalog by catalog. For example, when the front or suffix are together enter the article number or the separator is a space, hyphen or slash may vary between commas. In this article feel free to write numbers together to sign / suffix article number, because you will find it in the search:


The part number sign is separated by a space

Looking for the bearing '1010'-HK, but you don't knot there is a hyphen or not. So you wrote the part number is completely consistent. The result shows that there is a space after the 'HK'.

In other words, if the search result is not acceptable, you need to remove the next charecters from the 'Search by items' box:



If, however, a separate part number for parts you want to match the article, separated by a space then write your expressions: 6204 FAG



6204's FAG brand bearings

It can be seen that the manufacturers are marking the end of the part numbers.


You can also use this mode when a certain suffix shall conform to the article, eg 6204 C3:


C3's 6204 run-precision bearings


The plus - zero article


Unsuccessful search


At this point, there is an option: it is possible that the article ran. To convince you of this, before the item number you write a + sign:


Plus search

So you've got, but it seems that it is not really anyone in stock. In this case, if always in stock checkbox was checked, it seems if an external partner is in stock in our warehouse or the article. If such is the case, please call us or the site where the article sees it. (The phone icon by moving the cursor, you can see the number) If you do not, then it is possible to order from this article. This is more the product of explaining cart items.


Suffix information

If you see the line between the results of a blue 'i' symbol, it means that the article has explanations, then the cursor over the icon the information appears:


Suffix information


There are cases where you can't see the item number on an article, and so there is not so easy to identify. In these case you can search by the registered system sizes. This is done to the part number field entering a question mark, and then directly to the popular size 'X' are separated, and then click the 'Bore', 'Diameter', 'Width' fields I enter the desired values, which defines the search term:



Search by size


In case you only know part size, it is possible to look at too fragmented, then it is only the size of a hand, I know, for example, the search term comes every 4 mm inner-diameter article '4x?':




It is also possible when the observed data suffered from corrosion or other damage, possibly due inch size is not quite right, then get in the search precision, where the 'Precision' flag specifies a value that allows + much difference in your search. The first example below does not work:



Search results without the measured value


Then I adjust the precision of 5 value (0.5), and again I run:



That's the first five decimal value difference in getting results. The Precision setting applies equally to all three dimensions.


Substitution of the same size search of articles:

If a fractional sizes too many results to search (Eg ?63x), we want to find a substitute or an article out on the basis of size, the size of a column, click the link for the specific size can run exactly the sort only the selected size:



Searching ?63x clicking on the search 63.5X110X25.4 in size come out exactly the same size items.


The overall size is not always enrolled bearings, such as the part number is quite commonly (eg 6200 Series). If your looking no bearing or ball joint, but in the table below, you can search for a different way to be done:


Product Group

Search Method (without question mark)

rolling elements

G 5 or G 1.5X7.8


E 10X1075


S 6X10X2


O 20X1.5

seeger ring *

A20 , I20 vagy RA9


KA 20X30X7

Loctite product

L 243

spacer ring

HGY 10X16X0.2


* If you search a Seeger ring you need to write together the item number, because it occurs in the number of letters are written together, but not in the system.


A special opportunity for a '+' combination of previously known search signals. The possible combinations:


Asterisk - plus

If you put the search term *+ combination of writing, all items once the article, to or for the replacement to include in somewhere fragments of the specified term, regardless of the set.



*+69349 - the zero-volume items also


Question mark - plus

The?+ combination searching the specified size, also regardless of the set.



The search methods has mentioned above can be expanding for the category filtering. Before starting the search, you can choose a category by clicking the 'Categories' dropdown. Then the result of a search term, only those articles showing which fits to category. If the article does not specify the number of categories, but choose a category, then all of the corresponding article category will come down (the 200 into the search limit into account).



A specific part number, a list of EZO bearings


Search terms


Search term (single)

Search results

only the term

are articles that begin with the specified term, or one substituent begin with that expression, regardless of the layouts, and at least one of them is in stock


are articles that contain the phrase can occur anywhere, or in one of the specified term helyettesítőjükben occur anywhere, and at least one of them is in stock


are articles that begin with the specified expression, or a substituent of the specified expression begins, regardless of the kit


(for each size separator X, the decimal point [if] a)

other items, ranging in size starts the specified term, and at least one of them is in stock



Search term (complex)

Search results


are articles that contain the phrase can occur anywhere, or in one of the specified term helyettesítőjükben occur anywhere, regardless of the kit


(for each size separator X, the decimal point [if] a)

other items, ranging in size starts at the given expression, regardless of the kit


Searching special item groups


Product Group

Search Method (without question mark)

rolling elements

G 5 vagy G 1.5X7.8


E 10X1075


S 6X10X2


O 20X1.5

seeger ring *

A20 , I20 vagy RA9


KA 20X30X7

Loctite product

L 243

spacer ring

HGY 10X16X0.2


* If you search a Seeger ring you need to write together the item number, because it occurs in the number of letters are written together, but not in the system.


If any product is found or out of stock, please call our customer service at the phone number +36-23-390-453.

Order / quotation process

This section is about the order process after you've found the necessary items.


If you've found the necessary products, you can buy these easily. The last two columns of article series will see the price of the product. First is the Net list price, the second is for your individual price, calculated in accordance with the agreed discount on the front of the product. If you are curious about the article for you current discount, move the mouse pointer over the underlined price. After a while, a blue screen appears, which you can see in the article category, and this discount is valid.



NSK products with discounts


Order only one product

The 'Stock info' box show you the current article set free. The adjacent box to provide the desired number of items ordered, and then click on the small icon next to the shopping cart product added to the cart . If you want to order only one item, you can use this method.



Ordering only one product



Ordering multiple items


If you want to order more than one item, you must enter the desired number of pieces, then use the button next not the field, but at the bottom of the page 'cart (Put all items into the cart)' inscribed.



Ordering multiple items


It is important to note that when starting a new search, and has been written on a piece of item numbers, it is only after you press this button, otherwise the data entered will be lost.



The orders abroad in stock - Request for quotation / order out article


If a product requires more units than they are in stock, perhaps the product is completely sold out, you have to ask about this product quotation possibility, perhaps you can order immediately. You do not need to do anything else, like 'I'll order' field, enter the quantity you want and put it in the cart (complete disappearance of the articles only come into play if the query string used plus one option). When the order to close the cart you will get an option to these products and ask for a quote, or you can assign them.



Out of Order Article



Any product inserted into the cart item quantity can still change later.


If you eant to finish your order, you should be done it in two steps:


Step 1: Overview of the cart - Change item / item number


Step 2: Place the order


After you've selected the desired items, you can check what is in in the cart. You can do this in two ways:


Click the cart in the upper right corner of the results display icon
Click the number next to the icon in the upper right corner of the display result



The two methods are equivalent. After a while the cart is displayed:




You can see the article and the article name in addition to the number of units assigned to these articles. If you want to change this, enter the new number of pieces, and then press the same line of yellow cart icon. The system checks to be carried out whether the new number be supplied from stock. You can drop a full row from your cart, this article serves as a line of gray strikeout cart. You can see at the end of the line precisely who ordered from your company for the current article, if all colleagues working in his company before registered access. (We reccommend you this practice). If "I'll order" field background color is green, it means that the amount requested from stock fully satisfied. Let's look at a more complicated example:






If "I'll order" field background color is not green but yellow or red, it means that the order is only partially or not at all satisfied. A field labeled 'In stock' can be sent to the current number of items. If the number is not zero (partially achievable), the color yellow, if zero (currently not feasible at all), then bright red. The 'missing' field in both cases indicates the number of items can not be met. In this case, appears at the bottom of a box, which lets you decide whether you order the missing items, bid ask about them, or request them. The row - or "total stock" line just sums up the price of the goods transported.


If you want to start a new search, use the 'Back to the search' button. Don't worry, the products are remain in your cart.


The order the articles, please click on the 'Submit Order' button.


If you checked your order, you can submit it. Let's see the screen:




Delivery options

If you want to us to deliver your ordered products to your address, please check the correspond boxes. We cooperate with two companies to deliver you (GLS and TNT). We send the ordered items to your registered address to which you would like to receive the package. If you would like to register a new address here, or would like to know the delivery fee, please call our customer service at the phone number +06-23-520-386.


Billing options

The billing address shows the registered billing address, the bill will be issued for this. If it has changed, please call our customer service to correct this. If you want to write us other information, please write it in the 'You can add your remarks' box.


Cumulative window

This window shows the current discount to your order with a reduced price, as well as shipping costs according to the current settings.


Place an order

When you have finished filling the form, press the 'Submit order' button. Soon, you can see the confirmation message:


You can get the conformation email to your registered e-mail address. A 'Busy' column to see your article on the number of items successfully set aside. If you ordered more for a product than they had in stock, the status will 'Pending', you see the missing amount. Each line by moving the cursor to the line you can get the current status of textual information.

The 'Back to orders' button will take you past orders, requests for quotation list.

Special options

Our system collects all of orders, not only the Internet, but also on the phone or fax orders placed, quotations are also recorded. This makes it possible for you to continue to follow your orders, or to get quickly information about the status of the process. For a list of your orders, click the 'Order' button at any time.


The first column contains the number of order / request. This happened in the case of orders via the webshop is always the 'WEB' begin with the word order is submitted by fax to the number indicated on the case in the absence thereof, or phone orders will normally include the date or the office staff ID generated name. The following is the date, and then - for Web Order - an order releasing name. The Status column indicates the order lezártságára: if it contains an item that has not been received, or not yet invoiced, the word 'progress' is displayed if it is not the 'Complete'. The net value for the net value of the order web orders mutatja.Látható that in any case the order number in bold and underlined. If you click it, you can see the items in the order described above format.



FAG converter catalog featured the largest catalog: search both based on the FAG part number, manufacturer part number, and the other, and the results aggregated to display.


FAG catalog search box


If you enter an item number or name to the search box, you can see all of the corresponding item numbers by other manufacturers. If you click on 'Description' field, you can get an English definition precisely about bearings.



FAG's 6204 catalog part number search




 You can search using part number and size in INA INA catalog. Let's see an example:


LFR5301 search


SKF catalog is the online reproduction of the well-known 'brown catalog'. It contains more information about rollings than the FAG and INA catalog, with additional pictures:



The SNR catalog is the same as with the previously known, and contains outlines of the bearings.